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Slip and Fall Lawyers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Slip, Trip and Fall | Wet or Slippery Floors | Broken or Defective Steps or Stairs | Torn Carpet or Linoleum | Broken Tile | Ice or Snow on Sidewalks, Steps, Driveways or Parking Areas

businessman walking up subway stairsAt the office of Aronberg, Kouser, Snyder & Lindemann, P.A., our attorneys have fought for injury victims in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for more than 35 years. We are first and foremost trial lawyers, always willing and able to take your case to court to get the outcome you want.

In our decades in practice, we have successfully represented thousands of injured people. Because of our considerable experience, we know that we can’t take the same approach with every client. We will listen carefully to the facts and circumstances of your case, and will take the time to learn what you need to move forward so we can formulate the most effective strategy to get the results you seek. We strive to provide the highest levels of personal service and professionalism to every client, using our considerable skill, knowledge, experience and resources to help you pursue full and fair compensation for your injuries.

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Our Slip, Trip and Fall Practice

When you hire us to help you pursue damages after a slip and fall injury, we will conduct a full investigation of the facts of your case, traveling to the scene of your accident if necessary. We will work closely with expert witnesses, when appropriate, including architects, safety engineers, accident reconstruction specialists and medical authorities, so that we can develop and present the strongest arguments for your full financial recovery.

We take cases involving all types of slip, trip and fall accidents, including those involving:

  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Snow-covered or icy sidewalks, steps, parking ramps, driveways and parking lots
  • Defective flooring, such as floors with cracked tile, loose or missing floorboards, or torn linoleum or carpet
  • Broken or poorly designed steps, stairs, rails or ramps

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To arrange a meeting with an experienced slip and fall attorney, contact our office online or call us at 856-429-1700 (toll free at 856-429-1700). There is no cost or obligation for your first consultation.

We handle all personal injury claims on a contingency basis. We won’t charge any attorney fees unless we recover compensation for your losses.

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When you have been injured because of the carelessness or negligence of another person, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected.
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In most instances, in the aftermath of a work-related injury you have the right to seek monetary benefits under state workers’ compensation laws, so that you can recover lost wages and medical expenses.

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Many people have the idea that when we file a lawsuit, we are suing the person. We are not. We are suing the insurance company that the person has been paying to protect them against a loss like this. The insurance company that this person has been paying for quite some time.

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