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Temporary and Permanent Custody and Visitation Orders | Modification and Enforcement

Father with 3 childrenIn a divorce in which there are minor children in the home, one of the most difficult issues to resolve typically centers on custody and visitation. Where will the children live? How often will they see the noncustodial parent? Does the court need to set conditions on visitation? What happens if there’s a major change in circumstances — a parent is offered a job in another state or the child has special needs that warrant a change in custody or visitation? You can try to resolve custody and visitation disputes like these on your own, but the emotions that are tied to your relationship with your children can make it difficult to make objective decisions. You want an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney to protect your interests.

At Aronberg, Kouser, Snyder & Lindemann, P.A., attorneys Daniel K. Snyder and Devan J. Theiler bring extensive divorce and matrimonial law experience to clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Both have been named “Rising Stars” by their peers as well as “Awesome Attorneys” in family law by South Jersey Magazine.

Because of our experience, we understand that every situation is different. For some of our clients, the best course of action is to work with an ex-spouse to find ways to cooperatively resolve differences. We’ll use our considerable negotiating skills to help you get the outcome you want. However, if your ex-spouse won’t amicably work out your differences, we have the skill, experience and resources to protect your interests in court.

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Our Child Custody and Visitation Practice

When addressing a custody or visitation dispute, we will always give priority to the best interests of your minor children. We will help you work out custody and visitation agreements that take into consideration the special needs of your children, such as medical, educational or religious concerns. At the same time, we will strive to put measures in place to allow you to play a meaningful role in the growth and development of your children.

We handle all types of custody disagreements, including controversies over:

  • Physical custody — Physical custody refers to where your children actually reside.
  • Legal custody — Legal custody refers to your right as a parent to participate in decisions about the health and welfare of your child, including decisions about medical care, schooling, discipline and religious education and participation.

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