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Dog Bite and Animal Attack Attorneys in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Maulings | Knockdowns | Permanent Scarring and Disfigurement | Amputation or Loss of Fingers or Toes

Large dogThe old adage that a dog is man’s best friend is often true, but a dog of any size, when carelessly trained or not properly kept on a leash or behind a fence, can cause serious injury, especially to small children. If you or someone you love has suffered any kind of injury in an incident involving a dog or other domestic animal, you have the right to seek compensation to cover all your losses. You want attorneys who have handled these kinds of cases and who have the experience, knowledge and skill to protect your interests.

At Aronberg, Kouser, Snyder & Lindemann, P.A., our lawyers have fought for the rights of dog bite and animal attack victims, successfully representing thousands of injured people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for more than 35 years. We prepare every case with the expectation that it will go to trial, a strategy that helps us maximize your potential recovery. Because of our experience, we know when your best interests will be served by seeking to negotiate a settlement. But we are first and foremost trial lawyers.

We take a personalized approach to every case, carefully listening to the details of your story so that we know exactly what happened and what you need to make you whole. We will gather, assess and preserve all relevant evidence, and will prepare and file all pleadings and other documents required by the courts. We will also be a strong voice for you in all hearings or proceedings.

We built our successful practice on a commitment to the highest levels of personal service and professionalism. Our attorneys will keep you apprised of all developments in your case, as well as your options and likelihood of success, so that you can make the best decisions about how you want to proceed.

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Protecting Victims of Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

When you hire us to represent you after a dog bite or animal attack, we will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts of your case, traveling to the scene of the incident if necessary. We will help you pursue compensation for all your losses, from lost wages, medical expenses and other economic losses to damages for emotional or mental trauma.

We handle all types of injury claims involving domestic animals, including:

  • Lacerations, contusions or other injuries caused when a dog bites or scratches you
  • Bruises, broken bones, ligament or tendon injury, muscle sprains or pulls caused when a dog knocks you down
  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement when a dog mauls you
  • The loss of fingers, toes or other body parts in a dog attack

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Contact us by e-mail or call our office at 856-429-1700 (toll free at 856-429-1700). Your initial consultation is free.

We take all dog bite and animal attack claims on a contingency basis. You won’t be charged any attorney fees unless we recover compensation for your losses.

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