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Personal Injury Settlements, Verdicts & Case Results

$1.4 Million car accident settlement for a father and son who were involved in a car accident with a commercial vehicle.

$875,000 recovered for a passenger in a van involved in a head on collision with a car.

$535,000 for a young man who slipped and fell in a well known chain store.

$475,000 for an elderly woman who suffered falls and broken bones in a nursing home.

$400,000 for the surviving child of a young woman who died of an infection just weeks after a complicated delivery of her healthy baby.

$370,000 for a very elderly woman who was neglected and ignored in a nursing home.

$250,000 for an older man who suffered a now healed bed sore, due to improper and careless staff at a nursing home after surgery.

$225,000 jury award for a single mom who’s SUV was rear ended by another car.

$150,000 for an older woman who was caused to fall and break her leg on a transit train when it lurched forward from the station.

Our Practice Focus
Injured hospital patient

Personal Injury

When you have been injured because of the carelessness or negligence of another person, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected.
Doctor & patient

Medical Malpractice

When you seek medical attention, you anticipate that at a minimum your condition won’t worsen because of the carelessness or negligence of physicians, nurses or other medical personnel.
Co-workers in building lobby

Workers’ Comp

In most instances, in the aftermath of a work-related injury you have the right to seek monetary benefits under state workers’ compensation laws, so that you can recover lost wages and medical expenses.

Family Law & Divorce

We understand that family law matters can be highly emotional, and that different solutions work for different clients.

Many people have the idea that when we file a lawsuit, we are suing the person. We are not. We are suing the insurance company that the person has been paying to protect them against a loss like this. The insurance company that this person has been paying for quite some time.

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