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Professionals and Clients Should Choose Their Insurance Carefully Now More Than Ever – Spring 2015

In over 46 years of service to painfully injured and disabled clients, their attorneys and doctors, it has become clear that great success can be achieved by the traditional means of good service and individual attention to a person and their needs in a difficult or dire situation. Read the full newsletter. … [Read more...]

Aronberg & Kouser Wins Large Settlement For Woman In Truck Accident – Fall 2015

On Friday night, September 23, 2011, our emergency service contacted partner Bob Greenberg, asking him to call one of David Kouser’s longtime clients, BB. BB's beloved wife had been in a terrible accident with a tractor trailer, which turned across her lane without warning, and she had been taken by Medivac Helicopter to a trauma center and was unconscious. Read the full newsletter. … [Read more...]

Your Personal Injury Case And Facebook: Don’t Post Anything Related To Your Claim – Fall 2014

Many people use social media – such as Facebook and Twitter – to tell other people what’s going on in their life, keep track of what friends are doing, and reconnect with old friends. Because social media is public, sometimes people you don't want to see messages and photos you post may in fact be able to do so. Read the full newsletter. … [Read more...]

Aronberg & Kouser Recovers For Accident Victim – Spring & Summer 2013

Our client, D.H., was a passenger in a van carrying other employees of her company on RT 42 in Washington Twp, NJ in January of 2005, when another car crossed the grass median at high speed and slammed head on into that van. Read the full newsletter. … [Read more...]

Family Law Facts – Fall & Winter 2012-2013

with Gabriella B. Ferri Esq. Does emancipation automatically occur at the age of 18 in the State of New Jersey? Unlike many other states, there is no automatic emancipation of a child at the age of 18. In order to emancipate a child in the State of New Jersey, either a motion must be filed with the court, or a consent order must be entered into by both parents. Because of the factsensitive nature of an application for emancipation, experienced legal representation can be invaluable. Read … [Read more...]

Raising or Lowering Child and Spousal Support – Spring & Summer 2012

After a divorce, the parties may want to change the amount of child support and/or spousal support. This may be due to losing a job, large medical bills or other change in financial circumstances. Here are some legal rules for making changes. Read the full newsletter. … [Read more...]

Did You Know. . .? – Fall & Winter 2011

A Doctor who is about to treat you, or operate on you, or prescribe you medication, must explain the risks as well as the benefit of what he/ she is recommending, or he/she can be liable to you for money damages? This is called the doctrine of Informed Consent, and it is the law everywhere. Read the full newsletter. … [Read more...]

Answers To Often Asked Questions About Child Custody & Support – Spring & Summer 2011

Many people have questions about child custody and support. Here are answers to some often asked ones. Q. Who makes child custody decisions? A. A judge. But if the parents agree who gets custody, the judge usually accepts their choice. If the parents can't agree, the judge decides, based on what is best for the child. Read the full newsletter. … [Read more...]

Aronberg & Kouser Obtains 7-Figure Jury Verdict In Premises Liability Case – Fall & Winter 2010

After 2 full trials and several years of litigation, the law firm of Aronberg, Kouser, Snyder & Lindemann successfully obtained a 7-figure verdict from a jury in Burlington County on August 2, 2010. On December 12, 2005, a resident of an apartment complex slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot in the vicinity of his parking space. Read the full newsletter. … [Read more...]

What You Should Know About DUI / DWI – Spring & Summer 2010

One of the most common types of criminal offenses is driving under the influence (DUI), also known as driving while intoxicated. DUI is against the law in every state and is a serious crime, as it endangers not only you but others on the road. Here is information about DUI, as well as steps to take if you are stopped by the police for allegedly driving while intoxicated. Read the full newsletter. … [Read more...]

Our Practice Focus
Injured hospital patient

Personal Injury

When you have been injured because of the carelessness or negligence of another person, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected.
Doctor & patient

Medical Malpractice

When you seek medical attention, you anticipate that at a minimum your condition won’t worsen because of the carelessness or negligence of physicians, nurses or other medical personnel.
Co-workers in building lobby

Workers’ Comp

In most instances, in the aftermath of a work-related injury you have the right to seek monetary benefits under state workers’ compensation laws, so that you can recover lost wages and medical expenses.

Family Law & Divorce

We understand that family law matters can be highly emotional, and that different solutions work for different clients.

Many people have the idea that when we file a lawsuit, we are suing the person. We are not. We are suing the insurance company that the person has been paying to protect them against a loss like this. The insurance company that this person has been paying for quite some time.

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