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Your Rights If Hurt On The Job

On the job injuries are common. If you have an injury or illness from your job, you may be entitled to money under workers’ compensation laws. The injury may be from a single act (like getting hurt in a fall or getting in a car accident while making deliveries) or it may be from exposure  to activities at work (like hurting your wrist from doing the same motion constantly or hearing loss from constant loud noise).

Workers’ compensation laws help make sure injured workers have money to care for themselves and their families while they are out of work. They also help injured workers get well. All businesses are subject to workers’ compensation laws.

Benefits You May Receive

The heart of the workers’ compensation laws is the benefits they provide to injured workers. The employer, not the worker, pays for these benefits. There are different kinds of workers compensation benefits. The type and seriousness of your injury determines which you can receive.

The main types of workers’ compensation benefits are:

  • Medical care. These pay for medical treatment needed to restore you to good health and can include doctors’ bills, hospital costs, prescriptions and other necessary care.
  • Temporary disability. You may receive ongoing wages if a doctor finds that you cannot do your usual job while recovering.
  • Permanent disability. If a doctor says you will always be limited in the function of your injured body part, you may receive permanent disability benefits.
  • Death benefits. When a worker dies from a job, certain family members may receive death benefits.

What To Do If You Are Hurt

If you suffer a work injury or illness, to help make sure you receive workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Report the injury to your employer promptly. The law sets time limits for workers to notify employers. Any delay could cut your benefits.
  • Fill out a claim form. Employers must notify injured workers of their eligibility to receive workers’ compensation benefits and provide a claim form.

How We Can Help

Disputes over workers’ compensation benefits are common. Disputes may arise over your right to receive benefits or the amount, and may have to be decided by a workers’ compensation judge.

We can help you in many ways if you are hurt on the job. We will inform you about your rights and benefits you can receive, help file your claim, and help make sure you receive all benefits. If a case must be filed, we will prepare it and represent you in hearings before a workers’ compensation judge.


If you suffer a work injury or illness, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These can be vital in providing for your medical care and for the general care of you and your family while you are out of work. Call us to find out about your right to receive these benefits. There are complex rules about benefits you may receive and procedures for obtaining them. Call as soon as possible so you don’t risk losing benefits because you waited!

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