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What To Include In Your Accident Records

One of the best ways to get the maximum compensation after an accident is to keep good records. But what information should be in your records? Here are tips.

Information About Your Injuries

Keep a record of all the injuries you suffered. Not only should your records include details about easily identifiable injuries like broken bones, but they should also include details about pain, discomfort, anxiety, loss of sleep and other problems which cannot be seen but which you may be able to receive money for. In most cases, people who are injured in an accident can receive compensation for their pain and suffering, so keep detailed notes about these problems. Make your notes as soon as you experience any of them, as delay can cause you to forget. Tell your doctors about these problems, so they can treat you and write in your records that they are from the accident.

Keep Track of Medical Visits and Expenses

This includes trips to all doctors and other health-care providers that either treat you or who you consult with but do not pursue treatment. Since you can recover for past as well as future expected medical bills resulting from the accident, keep a record of all medical expenses you incur such as doctors’ bills, hospital bills, costs for prescription and non-prescription drugs, and physical therapy costs.

Your Monetary and Other Losses

Accident victims can receive money for damages in addition to their medical bills and pain and suffering. So keep track of your economic losses, like damaged property and lost wages (including for part-time work). If the accident forces you to limit your search for work, note this too. Also keep notes of all the other ways the accident affects you, such as if you missed social gatherings, trips, classes, family events or other activities you normally did but now can’t do because of the accident.

By keeping good records after your accident, you can significantly increase your chances of receiving the maximum amount of compensation the law entitles you to obtain.

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