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Some Tattoo Ink Kits May Lead to Infection

FDA Warns of Risks Associated with Some Tattoo Kits

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), responding to complaints filed by consumers using certain home tattoo kits, has determined that at least some of the kits sold by White and Blue Lion, Inc, have a bacterial contamination that could cause serious health problems. The FDA confirmed one documented case of a skin infection caused by the White and Lion product, and is investigation other reports. The product has since been recalled.

Risk May Be Significant

FDA officials warned that the risk of infection extends beyond a simple skin infection at the site of the tattoo. While that is not uncommon, and may manifest in redness, swelling or severe pain, there is also the risk that the bacteria will enter your bloodstream. This condition, known as sepsis, is extremely dangerous, and can resist even the powerful antibiotics. The signs of sepsis include:

  • Fever
  • Cold sweats
  • Chills

Identifying Potentially Dangerous Tattoo Kits

Though the product has been recalled, many of the kits are still available to consumers. Here’s what you can look for to determine whether your kit may be contaminated:

  • If the kit or ink has no brand name, or does not indicate a manufacturer or distributor, it may be best to dispose of it
  • A kit with a dragon logo may be the White and Blue Lion product

The FDA recommends that persons wanting to use a home tattoo kit purchase materials from a professional tattoo artist.

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