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Hurt On The Job? You May Be Entitled To More Than Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you are hurt on the job or suffer a job-related illness, you are entitled to receive money under workers’ compensation laws. These laws, which exist in every state, let workers recover money from their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier for different kinds of damages, including medical bills and compensation for partial or total disability. Workers’ compensation system is a “no fault” system, meaning the injured worker does not have to prove the employer was at fault. Workers’ compensation laws were designed to avoid lawsuits between employees and their employers over job injuries and illnesses.

In many cases, though, workers hurt on the job can receive more than just workers’ compensation benefits. They can also make a claim against a third party who may be legally responsible for causing the injury. Some recent examples show how injured workers can make these claims:

• A man was picking up materials to return to his employer. At the business he was getting the materials, an accident occurred when a forklift driver carelessly let steel coils fall, hitting and severely injuring the man. The man made a claim against the forklift driver’s employer and the parties settled out of court, with the injury victim receiving a substantial amount of damages.

• A man who worked for a janitorial company was cleaning an office building when he stepped on a loose metal grate. The grate gave way and the man fell several feet below, suffering severe injuries. The man then made a claim against the owner of the office building. The office building’s owner had known about the danger, but had not taken proper steps to prevent injuries. The parties settled, with the man receiving compensation for his injuries.

These cases are a reminder that if you are hurt on the job, you may be entitled to more than just workers’ compensation benefits. If you suffer a job injury, call us to find out what your rights are regarding compensation. We will help you with your workers’ compensation claim, including seeking all benefits you are entitled to receive. We will also investigate your injury and advise you if other parties may be legally liable for paying your damages. Call us promptly after any work accident, as the time right after it can be vital to your workers’ compensation claim as well as any other legal claims you may have.

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