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Facts You Should Know About Personal Injury Claims

Many accident victims think their claim is weak when really it is strong. This is often due to mistaken beliefs they have about personal injury claims, such as when they are allowed and how much compensation they can recover. Here are some key facts to know about personal injury claims. Though circumstances differ in each case, after an accident you can often:

• Recover compensation even if there were no witnesses or no police came to the accident scene. Investigators and experts can often reconstruct the accident to help prove what happened.

• Recover compensation even if you were partly at fault. Most states let you recover compensation even if you are partly to blame for your accident. Your recovery will just be reduced by the percentage amount of your fault. For example, if your damages are $10,000 and you are 25% at fault, your damages will be reduced by $2,500. You will still recover $7,500.

• Recover compensation even if the other driver has no insurance. There can be other sources to pay your damages, like your own insurance, the driver’s employer or the car’s owner. So don’t automatically think that if the other side has no insurance (or you have none) that you can’t make a claim. Our law firm can advise you if other sources to pay your damages are available.

• Recover compensation even if you are the victim of a hit-and-run driver. Your own insurance may help pay your damages.

• Recover compensation without going to court. Many accident victims don’t make a claim because they think they will have to go to court or that a claim will be very time consuming. In reality, the vast majority of personal injury claims are settled out of court. Also, our law firm will handle most dealings with the other side and insurance adjusters, so the time you spend on the matter is reduced.

• Recover compensation even if you did not go to the hospital. Some injuries take time to develop. Often an accident victim who felt okay right after the accident later develops serious injuries. So the fact you did not go to a hospital right after the accident may not have a bearing on the outcome of your case.

• Recover compensation for many things, including lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and costs to fix or replace damaged property.

If you are in an accident, don’t guess whether you can make a claim or the different types of damages you can receive money for. Thinking you know the law (or believing what insurance adjusters or other people tell you) will likely cost you a lot of money. Instead, call our law firm. We know the law, we are on your side and we will advise you if you have a strong claim as well as how much compensation you are legally entitled to receive.

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