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Workers’ Compensation and Third Party Claims

With respect to many workplace injuries, the New Jersey workers' compensation laws are the exclusive remedy to obtain monetary benefits. This essentially means that workers may only pursue damages through this process. This is what is known as the "grand bargain," supposedly benefiting both workers and employers. Workers don't have to incur the cost and time involved in filing a lawsuit, and can have access to benefits much sooner. Employers don't have to risk a huge judgment by a jury … [Read more...]

Understanding the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Process

So you have been hurt on the job. You know about workers' compensation and believe you are entitled to receive benefits. But how does the process work? How do you go about securing the benefits you need? Step One: Get the Medical Attention You Need If you have been injured in an accident at work, immediately seek medical attention. If you require emergency treatment, ask your supervisor or others to either call for emergency medical responders or take you to the hospital. If you have a … [Read more...]

New Jersey Workers’ Compensation — The Basics

If you've been hurt on the job in New Jersey, chances are you know that you can apply for benefits under the state's workers' compensation program. But if you've never done that before, you may have no idea where to start or how the process works. The best thing to do, without question, is to hire an attorney. You can try to handle the application process yourself, but that's a pretty risky proposition. The process can be complex and it's a known fact that as many as half of all workers' … [Read more...]

Workers’ Compensation Appeals

Appealing a Workers' Compensation Claim If you have filed a legitimate workers' compensation claim, only to have it denied, you are not alone. Many valid claims are initially rejected, for a variety of reasons. But you are not without remedies, even if your claim is turned down by your employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier. The Initial Approval or Denial of Your Claim Under Pennsylvania law, your employer must generally notify you within 21 days whether your claim has been … [Read more...]

Third Party Workplace Injury Claims

Obtaining Compensation for a Third Party Workplace Injury Under the workers' compensation laws of Pennsylvania, if you have been hurt on the job, you have a right to pursue benefits to cover lost wages and income, medical expenses, rehabilitation or physical therapy, and even death benefits. The workers' compensation laws, however, are designed only to compensate injured workers for the carelessness or negligence of the owner or general contractor on a site. If you were injured because of the … [Read more...]

Occupational Disease and Workers’ Compensation

Getting Workers' Compensation for an Occupational Illness Though most people tend to associate workers' compensation with injuries suffered on the job, the workers' compensation laws in every state also provide benefits for illness or injury contracted at work or because of work conditions. Typically, workplace illness stems from months or years of exposure to certain conditions. Because it's difficult to point to a single event that caused the illness, occupational disease claims are … [Read more...]

Getting Medical Care after a Workplace Accident

Making Certain You Get Proper Medical Care after a Workplace Accident In the aftermath of a work-related injury, when you are worried about how you will pay your bills, it's extremely important to make certain that you get all the necessary medical treatment, so that you have the best chance of a full recovery. But it's not just for health reasons that you need to seek proper medical treatment. It will also help you maximize your recovery in a workers' compensation claim. Always Seek Treatment … [Read more...]

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

right to workers' compensation benefits under state law. But what types of benefits are available? Will the payments you receive cover the cost of medical care, or allow you to meet your financial obligations? Income Replacement (Disability Coverage) The benefit that most people think of when they have been hurt on the job is the disability payment, which is designed to compensate you for wages that you lose because of the injury or illness. As a general rule, your injury or illness will fall … [Read more...]

California Supreme Court Looks at Defibrillator Requirements for Businesses

California High Court Considers Whether Businesses Must Have Defibrillators The retailer Target has been named as a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit, stemming from the death of a shopper who died of a heart attack while at a Target store in California. The deceased's family alleged that Target was negligent because, although it sold defibrillators to the public in its store, it did not have any available for use by the public. The case was originally filed in state court in California, but … [Read more...]

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