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Know Your Rights If an Accident Happens

Each year, millions of people are hurt in car, slip and fall and other accidents. Unfortunately, many accident victims don’t know their legal rights and end up paying their losses themselves or obtaining much less compensation than they are legally entitled to receive. Knowing your rights in case of an accident can keep this from happening to you. Here are some important rights you should know about if you are in an accident. Right to fair compensation If you are in an accident, you have the … [Read more...]

Answers To Questions About Compensation Received After An Accident

Many accident victims have questions about the amount of compensation they may be entitled to receive as a result of an accident. Here are answers to some of the most frequently-asked ones. Q. I was hurt in an accident. How much am I entitled to recover? A. The answer depends on several factors, including the type of injury you suffered, how long-lasting and severe your pain is, your past and future medical expenses, your past and future lost income, any scarring or disfigurement, and changes … [Read more...]

After A Car Accident: There Can Be Many Sources To Recover Your Damages

Many car accident victims don’t make a claim because they think the other driver has no insurance and can’t pay their damages. But after an auto accident there can be sources for paying damages in addition to the other driver. So don’t give up a valuable car accident claim just because you think the other driver is unable to pay your damages. Your lawyer can tell you if others are possibly liable to pay. These can include: • The other car’s owner. In many states, car owners are liable for the … [Read more...]

Questions and Answers About Slip and Fall Accidents

Next to car accidents, the most common type of injury mishap is a slip and fall. Many people who are in a slip and fall accident have questions about when property owners are liable, damages they may receive and other issues. Here are answers to some often-asked questions about slip and fall accidents. Q. I was hurt when I slipped and fell on a wet floor in a market. Is the owner of the store liable for my injuries? A. The answer depends on the specific facts of your case. In the case of … [Read more...]

Claim Made for Neglect of Elder in Nursing Home

Advances in medicine and growing knowledge about good health mean America’s population is living longer, and growing older than ever before. More and more people are “senior citizens” or “elders.” As people age, they often need help being cared for. More claims for neglect of elders are being allowed in court. One recent case involved Rose W., age 88, who broke her ankle. She went to a nursing home for care while her ankle healed. Sadly, within four months, Rose died. Rose’s daughter, Kay, … [Read more...]

Enforcing Child Support Payments

A parent's legal obligation to support his or her child financially starts when the child is born. If the parents later get divorced, one parent will likely be making child support payments to the other. In some cases, the parent paying child support may lose a job or have other financial problems and fall behind in making payments, or stop paying court ordered child support entirely. Failing to pay child support is against the law, and there are many tools available to collect unpaid child … [Read more...]

Why You Should Have A Will

Most people know that wills provide many benefits, including letting them decide how their property is disposed of after they die and letting them select who will manage their estate during probate. Despite these and other significant benefits, one recent survey showed that over half the adults in the United States do not have a will. Here is information about the many ways a will can help you and your family, as well as information about making a will. Benefits of A Will There are many … [Read more...]

Communicating With Your Doctor After An Accident

If you are in an accident, you will want to get the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries and losses One way to do this is to have a good working relationship with your doctor. Your Doctor Plays A Key Role Your doctor plays a vital role after your accident, as he or she provides information on many things, including the nature and seriousness of your injuries and any long-term problems and impairments you will have. So tell your doctor about all pain and other physical problems you … [Read more...]

How A Lawyer Helps You After An Accident

Everyone needs a lawyer some time. For most people this also includes a personal injury lawyer, either to help make a claim after an accident or help defend a claim made against them. Most people don’t know all the things a lawyer does for them. When it comes to making a personal injury claim, here are some of the many ways a lawyer helps you after an accident: • Recommend doctors and other health care providers to treat you. • Evaluate your claim and tell you how much money you are entitled … [Read more...]

Tips For Parents With Teenage Drivers

Learning to drive is one of the best parts of being young. But it is also one of the most dangerous. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 20. A recent government report showed that teenagers are the age group with the highest death rate in car accidents, with over 5,000 deaths per year and nearly half a million injuries. Parents of teens who are learning to drive or just been licensed need to take special steps to protect them. Here are ways parents … [Read more...]

Our Practice Focus
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Personal Injury

When you have been injured because of the carelessness or negligence of another person, you want an experienced and aggressive lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected.
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Medical Malpractice

When you seek medical attention, you anticipate that at a minimum your condition won’t worsen because of the carelessness or negligence of physicians, nurses or other medical personnel.
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Workers’ Comp

In most instances, in the aftermath of a work-related injury you have the right to seek monetary benefits under state workers’ compensation laws, so that you can recover lost wages and medical expenses.

Family Law & Divorce

We understand that family law matters can be highly emotional, and that different solutions work for different clients.

Many people have the idea that when we file a lawsuit, we are suing the person. We are not. We are suing the insurance company that the person has been paying to protect them against a loss like this. The insurance company that this person has been paying for quite some time.

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